. Where is '1923' Filmed? The 'Yellowstone' Prequel's Filming Locations, From Malta to Montana. A total of nine cities and towns in the state served as the shooting locations for the show, including Butte, Pony, Anaconda, Valier, Whitehall, Dillon, Hamilton, Park City, and Deer Lodge. . Like its predecessor, 1923 is also mostly shot in Montana, per The U. .

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    Blue Hawaii – 1961. But, the story does not end there. .


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    . In fact, out of the 14 locations that are listed, 10 of them are based in.

    In fact, out of the 14 locations that are listed, 10 of them are based in.

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Like its predecessor Yellowstone, 1923 was primarily filmed in the mountainous ranges of the Montana countryside, but it.

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    As NBC Montana also reported, many of the exterior shots of the town in 1923 were filmed along Broadway Street in Butte’s Uptown district.


    Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as Jacob and Cara Dutton in 1923.

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    . Preproduction for the “1923” prequel series has reportedly commenced in Butte, Montana, according to NBC Montana. He’s married to Emma Dutton (Marley Shelton) and father to Jack Dutton. . .

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Most of the scenes in Montana were shot in Butte, on famous streets.

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    Dec 13, 2022 · View this post on Instagram. “It’s only a wrap” until.

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    . January 1923 - July 1923 See also. . Feb 6, 2023 · As you tune into new episodes, learn more about the filming locations that made the fascinating drama possible. .

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    . 1923 filming locations revealed.

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    Production on the first season of Taylor Sheridan’s “1923” will come to a close by Jan. Filming Locations.

Dec 17, 2022 · 1923 Filming Locations. . Ten of the fourteen locations are in the US, which makes up the majority. .

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